Apa Game


Abstract :
The Apa game is a third-person quest for on-line PC platforms. It uses the open source Blender game engine to thrust players into the role of a merchant’s apprentice in 13th century Bologna. Guido, the main character, falls into a time vortex and finds himself in Roman Bologna, where, through the accomplishment of some quests and the solution of funny educational riddles, he must figure out a way to get back home, to the 13th century.
The game will, actually, use several already available assets from the “Apa the Etruscan” movie; the production pipeline is grounded on a complete open-source one, using tools such as Blender for modelling, OwnCloud for storage and sharing, Blender Game Engine and Burster for on-line gaming. The assets are based on precise archaeological references and realised under scientific supervision.

Images :


Project Authors :
Antonio Baglivo, baglivo83@gmail.com
Emanuel Demetrescu, emanuel.demetrescu@gmail.com
Luca De Felice, defeliceluca1985@gmail.com
Daniele De Luca, d.deluca@cineca.it
Daniele Ferdani, daniele.ferdani@gmail.com
Holger Graf, holger.graf@igd.fraunhofer.de
Yaara Ilan, yaarailan@gmail.com
Maria Chiara Liguori, m.liguori@cineca.it
Guido Lucci Baldassari, guido.baldassari@itabc.cnr.it
Jacopo Ortalli, otj@unife.it
Augusto Palombini, augusto.palombini@itabc.cnr.it
Rossella Pansini, rossella.pansini@gmail.com
Maurizio Quarta, mauriquarta@gmail.com
Francesco Veronesi, francesco.veronesi78@gmail.com
Chiara Bonanni, c.bonanni@cineca.it
Francesca Delli Ponti, f.delliponti@cineca.it
Antonella Guidazzoli, a.guidazzoli@cineca.it
Sofia Pescarin, sofia.pescarin@itabc.cnr.it

Institutions involved :
Fraunhofer Institute, GERMANY, link
University of Ferrara, ITALY, link