Excavate and Learn


Abstract :
Advances in multimedia technologies and their relative low cost allow the design and the implementation of museum installations that enhance the visitor’s experience and make him the main actor in the exhibition. In this project we designed and experienced an innovative museum installation that integrates different technologies (touch and NFC- Near Field Communication) and allow the visitor to simulate what happens in an excavation and learn both about part of the archaeologist’s work and the archaeological objects. In this kind of installation, museum visitors can choose copies of archaeological objects that are placed on mock-ups reproducing archaeological excavations (prehistoric and medieval, called respectively A and B in the following), pick them up and experience the traditional activities performed by the archaeologists, such as observation, analysis and deduction; by doing so, museum visitors can study the objects and try to understand their usage, their material, why they are located in that specific point, in which age they were used, etc.

Images :


Project Authors :
Emanuele Di Rosa emanuele.dirosa@ettsolutions.com
Fabrizio Benente fabrizio.benente@unige.it
Matteo Ventrella matteo.ventrella@ettsolutions.com
Roberto Frasca roberto.frasca@ettsolutions.com
With the collaboration/scientific counseling of : Nadia Campana, Jacopo De Grossi, Gabriele Martino, Michela Montano and Andrea Pintori

Institutions involved :
ETT srl, ITALY, link
University of Genoa, ITALY, link
Municipality of Sestri Levante, ITALY, link
Museum of Sestri Levante (Genoa) – Archeological Museum of the City, ITALY, link
Masso Archeo-mineral site – Castiglione Chiavarese (Genoa), ITALY, link