Gala Dinner

The DigitalHeritage 2013 Gala Dinner will take place in the « Palais de la Bourse », situated on Canebière, right in the heart of Marseille.

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The Palais de la Bourse, a 19th-century building, houses the Chamber of commerce, the first such institution in France. It also contains a small museum, charting the maritime and commercial history of Marseille, as well as a separate collection of ships models.
The palace was designed by architect Pascal Coste for Napoleon III. The facade of the spectacular Palais de la Bourse exhibits a beautiful array of sculptures, made to commemorate the Golden age of commerce and navigation in Marseille. This palace is one of the most beautiful buildings in Marseille and a must see destination for anyone traveling to Marseille.


  • Palais de la Bourse
    9 La Canebière
    13001 Marseille
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