Imago Bononiae


Abstract :
“Imago Bononiae” is a 3D real-time application focused on the interactive exploration of a large reconstruction of Bologna during the Roman age (1st century AD) where the user starts his journey. Using natural interaction devices, the visitor is immersed into a large and rich 3D environment populated by a virtual crowd: an artificial life layer that evolves within ancient roads and architectures, envisioning hypothetical paths, according to urban chronotopoi. The crowd and a few interactive elements scattered across this large reconstruction will visually guide the user through ancient roads, Roman theatres and Fora towards different visions of the future urban layer of Bologna, enabling spatial and volumetric comparisons and experiencing its urban evolution.

Images :


Project Authors :
Bruno Fanini,
Luigi Calori,
Daniele Ferdani,
Antonella Guidazzoli,
Sofia Pescarin,
Emanuel Demetrescu,

Institutions involved :
CINECA, Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna, ITALY, link
CNR ITABC, Roma, ITALY, link
University of Bologna, ITALY, link