Jumièges 3d


Abstract :
JUMIEGES 3D is a new and innovative way of visiting the Abbey. Today, the “nicest ruin in France”, as Victor Hugo said, is open to the public. Highly romantic, it is quite hard to imagine the greatness and impressive size of the site before its destruction. Conseil General de Seine Maritime, owner of the site, wanted to develop a new cutting edge device for presenting the site to the public, using augmented reality and high value content. This device had to be available on site and through an app to be downloaded at home. AGP and its technological partners have been in charge of the reconstitution of the Abbey in the past and the development of the application. Jumieges 3D experience proposes to the public a new spectacular way of visiting the site: the opportunity to superimpose, through an iPad, the abbey as it was in 5 different periods of its construction, from the 9th to the 18th century, thanks to Mobile augmented reality. This application, delivered on September 2012, has already been downloaded more than 4,000 times and meets a great succes on site. The main steps followed on this project have been : — historical research, through a scientific committee, to make sure that the reconstitution is exact – Five 3D virtual reconstitution. – Additional cultural content to explain the history to the public. – integration of the virtual and cultural content on a specific Mobile, markless Augmented Reality application. – integration on iPads on site and submission to Apple store and Google Play for free of charge download. – Specific website. The goal was to make the most impressive product, fully integrated in the real site, with the easiest possible use and accurate historical and architectural content.

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Project Authors :
Didier Happe, d.happe@artgp.fr
Gael Hamon, g.hamon@artgp.fr

Institutions involved :
Conseil Général de Seine Maritime, FRANCE, link
ArtGP, FRANCE, link

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