Nantes 1900


Abstract :
This project deals with a physical mock-up of Nantes, city built in 1899 and exposed in 1900 for the World Fair that took place in Paris. This heritage object is nowadays in the museum, but exposed as “a fish inside an aquarium”. Thanks to a virtual system coupling a tactile screen with semantic research modules, a 3D active screen and a light pointer, it is possible for the visitor to better understand the mock-up and emphasize important places of Nantes city life. The whole project has not been thought as a “one-shot” project. All the technologies developed can be reused for other patrimonial objects. Every action done by visitors or historical experts are done dynamically and saved in a knowledge database so as to maintain the system during future several years.

Images :


Project Authors :
Benjamin Hervy
Christophe Courtin
Florent Laroche
Bertrand Guillet
Jean-Louis Kerouanton
Alain Bernard

Institutions involved :
Musée d’Histoire de Nantes, Château des ducs de Bretagne, FRANCE, link
Centre François Viète – Université de Nantes, FRANCE, link
IRCCyN laboratory – Ecole Centrale de Nantes, FRANCE, link
LUNAM Université, FRANCE, link