Giza 3d


Abstract :
More than a century ago, George Reisner, renowned Egyptologist and a founding father of modern scientific archaeology, directed the work of the Harvard University—Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Expedition at the Giza Plateau. Over the last ten years, the impressive collection of photos, diaries, drawings and documents from Giza have been meticulously digitized and made available online by the MFA at Giza Archives. With this information source, Dassault Systèmes reconstructed the Giza Necropolis in the most accurate way possible.
This interactive 3D recreation of the world-famous Giza plateau is available online, as well as on multiple devices, including 3D immersive environments and innovative displays for museums.

Images :


Project Authors :
Karine Guilbert – Dassault Systemes
Peter Der Manuelian

Institutions involved :
Dassault Systemes, Velizy,, FRANCE, link
Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, link
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA, link

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