Reenchant Historical Heritage


Abstract :
To revive the historical sites that are only vestiges, complex concepts of scenography have to be developed in order to reconstruct the past by using the technology and to put the public in total immersion. For example, moving into a room of a castle, one can be the actor of a virtual exploration in real time of every little details of the room: the throne, the benches for the council, the safes, the murals, etc. This is exactly what was conceived for the Falaise Castle in Normandy, France, where William the Conqueror was born. The new interactive experience implemented in Falaise is a unique mix of virtual walks with augmented reality, educational films and slides in relief. It changes the visit of a classic medieval museum in an attractive and fun space-time adventure. The visit tools called HistoPad (digital tablets to travel back in time) and Histocam (binoculars to see the past in Stereo3D) are totally part of the scenography.

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Project Authors :
Bruno de Sa Moreira
M. Edouard Lussan

Institutions involved :
Normandy Productions, FRANCE, link
Château Guillaume-Le-Conquérant de Falaise, FRANCE, link

Link :