Abstract :
Techcooltour is a crossmedia platform created within the “Tech Tour: Technology and Tourism: Augmented Reality for Roman and Byzantine itineraries” EU funded project, with the aim of offering innovative and engaging experiences at archaeological locations and cultural heritage sites. This EU project aims to promote two historical trans-national EU cultural routes exploiting developed ICT tools and exploring new media potential in presentation of historical heritage.
Retracing the history of influences, objectives and developments of two great empires Roman and Byzantine, which shaped the cultural landscape of Europe, the project aims at defining a common thread that links places and regions and helps represent the richness and uniqueness of European cultural identity.

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Project Authors :
Jana Rodic
Marko Todorovic

Institutions involved :
Unioncamere del Veneto, ITALY, link
LiveViewStudio, SERBIA, link
Fondazione Aquileia, ITALY, link
Marco Polo System, ITALY, link
Museums ans Galleries of Ljubljana, SLOVENIA, link
Archaeological Museum of Istria, CROATIA, link
City of Rovinj, CROATIA, link
Slovenian Chambere of Commerce, SLOVENIA, link
City of Rijeka, CROATIA, link
Regione Veneto, ITALYlink
AIC Forum, link

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