Etruscanning 3D : the tomb n.5 on Monte Michele in Veii. Multi-Angle VR Application


Abstract :
The application has been developed within “Etruscanning” EU project (Culture 2007 framework), focused on the investigation of new digital visualization techniques and communicative formats to re-create, restore and present the original context of Etruscan tombs. The tomb n.5 on Monte Michele in Veii (Rome) have been studied with the purpose of creating a virtual environment that describes the archaeological stratigraphy and the excavation of the site and present it to museums general public. A new framework (MAVRA: Multi-Angle Virtual reality Application) has been developed. It is based on the use of parallel video tracks with different contents, real and virtual, but with a common storytelling and an identical camera animation, obtained through « camera tracking » techniques. Visitors can switch among the video tracks, have an enhanced experience of the context and interactively have access to « side stories » going deeper in the contents.

Images :


Project Authors :
Eva Pietroni,
Wim Hupperetz,
Daniel Pletinckx,
Claudio Rufa,
Augusto Palombini,
Massimiliano Forlani,
Andrea Adami,
Eline Tavernier,
Francesca Boitani,
Iefke van Kampen,
Carlotta Capurro,

Institutions involved :
Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam University, NETHERLANDS, link
Visual Dimension srl, BELGIUM, link
E.V.O.CA. srl, ITALY, link
Soprintendenza ai Beni Archeologici dell’Etruria Meridionale, ITALY, link
Museo dell’Agro Veientano, ITALY, link