Singosari : the origins of Majapahit


Abstract :
The National Museum of Ethnology of the Netherlands and Museum Nasional of Indonesia are involved in the development of a website and an app about the kingdom Singhasari-Majapahit.
The kingdom plays a key-role in the perception of Indonesia’s cultural identity as one of the foundations of the Indonesian nation. The artistic legacy of this period, however, has reached far beyond the borders of Indonesia and its masterpieces, divided between Jakarta and Leiden, are now parts of a heritage shared by Indonesia and The Netherlands.
With a website and an app for mobile phones, the two museums are working together to tell the whole story. Scientific research is carried out together, and in the website results are presented as an exciting story for the lays. Besides telling the stories (with text, images and video), augmented reality is used to show the original situation, with the statues “in situ”.

Images :


Project Authors :
Jan Auke Brink,

Institutions involved :
National Museum of Ethnology, NETHERLANDS, link
Museum Nasional of Indonesia, INDONESIA, link
Muzar, NETHERLANDS, link